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As we head towards the fall equinox, the approximate time when the season of Metal starts, enjoy the last lingering days of the Earth season. The planet has been in equilibrium since mid-August.  Days and nights are in balance length-wise, it is not the heat of summer (Fire) nor yet the coolness of autumn (Metal). With the markets brimming with the harvest, we enjoy the Abundant Splendor of Earth.

Earth is about nourishment.  It is about gratitude as we harvest what is needed for self and others. The equilibrium of heat/cool, days/nights provides a sense of stability. We are well taken care of during these times.

Earth corresponds to the biological mother, as well as to Mother Earth. How do we mother ourselves, how do we mother others (no matter what your gender is). We all need care-taking.  Missing out on this important part of the life cycle will cause everything else to be deficient.

The organs connected with Earth are the spleen and the stomach. As we digest food, the Earth energy also digests the world around it, ruminating food and thought.  When out of balance, this pensiveness could veer into worry. Will there be enough from this harvest to last into winter? Is life secure?  Is my family safe?  The  literal and figurative aspects of digesting the world are key.

The Archetype for Earth is The Peacemaker, the one who brings balance. Sympathetic, patient, tolerant, the Earth type is the one who volunteers his time, helps others in need. Earth is serene, the center of gravity, the embrace that holds others as they are – without judgment or blame.

There is this distant acknowledgment that winter is coming, with the need to prepare. Squirrels gather their acorns. Humans gather the bounty as well, putting up canned goods, or freezing, all in preparation for the cold months ahead.

Ways to appreciate Earth energy

  • First – be grateful! For everything – the good, the bad and the ugly.   And recognize the abundance that is there for the asking.
  • Support your local farms and farmers’ markets.
  • Take time to nurture yourself
  • Take time to nurture others (in that order!)
  • Honor your mother (wherever she may be).

As you recognize your harvest (your garden, your life’s accomplishments), look to see what you need to release to enter into the next phase of Metal/autumn.

As you watch nature, clue into that moment when we enter Metal – it’s subtle but noticeable.  The air will have a crispness to it that is here to stay, there will be a  sense of contraction (think leaves drying up and eventually falling off the trees).  A bittersweet quality arises as we appreciate the beauty and its temporality as well.


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Come, come, whoever you are!
Even though you’ve broken your vows a thousand times,
Come, come again!
Jelaluddin Rumi

A Spiritual Support Group with Therese Sibon and Karuna Foudriat
Mondays from October 4 – November 15th
from 7:00 pm -9 pm
The Sanctuary
5 Academy Road, New Paltz, NY 12561

    Throughout human history, in many different cultures, the period of 40 days has a deep significance.  The number 40 appears in spiritual texts again and again as a harbinger of change and transformation:
    a 40 day flood that changes the face of the earth,
    40 years of wandering in the desert before coming to the Promised Land
    40 days on Mount Sinai to receive the Torah
    the 40 day wilderness retreats of the prophets Moses, Elijah, Jesus, and Muhammad
    40 days under the Bodhi tree for the Buddha’s Enlightenment.

    A human embryo gestates for 40 weeks and we even have a 40 hour work week!

    Forty days is more than the moon cycle of 28;  it’s more than a calendar month.   Working with this powerful interval of time creates the energy to break down ingrained habits and form new ways of being.  It’s a way of establishing trust in ourselves, the trust that’s required to fulfill our deepest longings.

    As we move into autumn, the natural world is winnowing down, shedding what is inessential for winter. We join in a 40 day “retreat” that encourages us to be in the world but not of it, and to let go of what no longer serves us. Through the commitments we make to reconnect with our bodies, with the natural world, with our inner landscape and with the Source of our Being we uncover the deepest intentions of our hearts.   We receive support that allows us to radiate the Divine Light within and to clarify and manifest our unique Divine Purpose.

    This Odyssey is for:

    …those who struggle to maintain a spiritual practice and /or healthy lifestyle amidst the busyness of daily life.

    …those who want dynamic support, laughter and sacred friendship on the path .

    …those who are drawn to more than one tradition and those who don’t yet have a spiritual path

    …those who want to reconnect with body, nature, soul and/ or Source in their daily lives and who know that these parts of our Being are not separate.

    …those who want to gain focus and clarity about direction and life purpose.

    The Odyssey includes:

    …a meeting prior to the 40 day period to prepare.

    …weekly support meetings.

    …daily early morning meditations.

    …on-line support.

    …instruction in meditation, mantras, mindfulness, dream work, visualization, body prayer and dietary practices from many spiritual paths, including Sufism, Buddhism, Siddha Yoga and Five Element Chinese Medicine.

    ..a workbook
    which includes daily inspirational readings from many sacred traditions and can help document and support the trajectory of this profound inner journey.

Sliding Scale $200-250

Therese Sibon, MS, LAc is a 5 Element Alchemical Healing acupuncturist with private practices in New York City and New Paltz, New York. Working on a body/mind/spirit level, Therese counsels clients, including those with cancer and eating disorders, on lifestyle, diet, nutrition, meditation, energy balancing, with a strong emphasis on self-care.   She recently completed a year long  fellowship at St. Vincent’s Cancer Center.  She is on the faculty at TriState College of Acupuncture and an adjunct lecturer for the SUNY New Paltz Nursing Department.

Therese has also trained as a Social Inclusion Counselor, with Kim John Payne.   For over ten years, Therese has worked with elementary and middle school age children and their families addressing the issues of bullying and teasing.

Karuna Teresa Foudriat, MEd, is an experienced meditation instructor and ordained interfaith minister of the Sufi Ruhaniat International. She has worked as a hospital chaplain at the Albany Medical Center, providing a healing presence for patients and families dealing with issues of illness, loss of function and death.  A Waldorf teacher for 25 years, she has taught classes in spirituality and comparative religion for children, teens and adults.  She has done long retreats in both the Theravadan Buddhist and Sufi traditions and recently spent 40 silent days in the woods of western MA.

What nine months of attention does for an embryo

forty early mornings will do

for your gradually growing wholeness.

Jeladdin Rumi

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